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Related post: Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 18:31:36 -0700 From: Brent Stewart Subject: Outted in HS, Chapter IV "Confessions" What was Robert doing to me, I thought as I walked through the doors leading through the sports hall and outside. For over three years we spent thousands of hours together, doing all sorts of things and never have I felt so nervous and afraid of what may happen next. My hormones were in overdrive and I felt flush, as if I had just ran around the football field full out. He has a girlfriend; he's one of the most popular guys in the school; he could have any girl, or guy he wants for that matter. Yet here I am picking up signals sarah preteen model and reading more into everything he says than he could possibly mean. I exited the building and started walking towards the student parking lot. "Damn, I better go get some books from my locker or he'll wonder why I left him alone in the changing room." I turned around and headed back into the building. I left him alone because I couldn't handle being alone with him in his Speedo, what the hell would I do with him naked while he showered and changed.I walked down the hall towards my locker. The school wasn't completely deserted index pics preteens at this point. There were still a few students and faculty members milling around. "Hey there, Brent, is it?" I heard my name and looked towards the stairs leading to the second floor. Two of the guys from the football team were standing at the bottom, and one of them was Derek. "Hi Derek, yea, it's Brent. What's up?" I said and walked towards them. "Seems like you are guy if that tent in your pants is any indication," said Derek as he and the other guy busted out laughing and staring at my crotch. Oh fuck! What's going to happen next, I thought."Um ... well ... ", what could I say! I must have turned the deepest shade of red a human body is capable of without passing out from the rush of blood to the brain. "So who's the lucky girl?" the other guy asked. "Ah, you probably hot preteen cheerleaders don't know her," fucking preteen pics I stammered, "Sorry guys, I'd like to stay and chat but I've got someone waiting on me." I'm dying here! "I bet you do and hopefully she'll take care of that for you. Ouch, that looks forbidden preteen paysites like it hurts!" said Derek and was subjected to another nymphet preteens round of laughter as I sped past him and his friend.This is beyond ridiculous. Already on my first day of high school, just ONE day, I've managed to flip out over my best friend that I've known for over 3 years, piss off his girlfriend, if I was reading her right and have her best friend pursuing me; now I get caught by the schools quarterback with a hardon. As I rounded supermodel pre teen the corner of the hall leading to my locker, I saw the boys' restroom. "Well, I'll take care of this one embarrassment right now!" I went into the restroom and looked around. Empty. I chose the last stall and went in, locked the door, dropped my pants and sat down to do some major tension releasing technique on girls naked preteen my semi-deflated cock. I knew the fastest way to release was to think of Robert's Speedo encased cock, straining for release and vombat preteen sex me there to pic nude preteen free it from its confines. I imagined pretty preteens xxx his teen cock growing in my hand as I encircled the sheath and worked my hand from the velvety soft head to the base where the glistening black pubic growth framed the object of my desire. His ball sack hung low, holding two golf ball sized cum factories, which I cupped and gently massaged as I worked his cock. As I sat there pounding my own cock, using my imagination to speed the process, I heard the stall door next to mine open and close. I could see a preteens pussie pair of tennis shoes under indian preteens fucking the private preteen webcams partition. I know I was breathing hard while I was thinking illegal preteen defloration of Robert and the pre-cum soaking my cock was making an unmistakable sloppy noise. Whoever this was, they could not mistake what was going on daisy model preteens in the next stall. asian preteen uncensored Whoever it was, sat down in the stall and japan sex preteens I noticed their pants bunched around their ankles."GREAT! When will this day end and will I survive it," I thought as I held my breath and strained my ears to hear what was going on in the next stall. Everything was silent for about 3 minutes, and then I couldn't believe my ears. The guy in the stall had started breathing harder and I could hear the same sounds I was producing, before being interrupted, coming from next to me. This guy was jerking off! My cock had deflated upon being discovered, but now was standing at full mast. I took its length in my hand and picked up the rhythms again. I listened to match the beat of the guy next to me and was rewarded with a low moan from next door. Both of our breathing became more audible and moans escaped both our mouths as we worked our tools in a frenzy of release. I could imagine his hand working his cock and heard the wet sound of his cute schoolgirl preteens pre-cum as he sped his hand up and down the shaft. Then, in a strained voice filled with youthful preteens cumshots lust, I heard him say to me, "I'm going to cum, are you almost there?" I too preteen asian cp was breathless and returned my affirmation in a whisper, "Yes, I'm about to explode." One moan later from him and I was shooting a heavy load of cum that arched from my cockhead in a long rope, and landed on the stall door. The next shot went up into the air and landed on the floor in front of the seat, as I continued to milk about four more bursts of seed from the stores of fluid in my balls.While I was cuming, the guy next me was cuming also. I could here a whimpering noise and world preteen pics saw his pants covered ankles jerk in reaction to the release of his orgasmic fluids. I saw a huge rope of cum preteen girls amsterdam hit the floor between our imageboard preteen nude stalls. It had great volume and was white as snow, lightly suspended in a translucent shield of seminal fluid. A few more gasps and moans from next door bbs preteen nymph and he was through. I heard him stand and then saw his pants go up from nude preteen pron his ankles. In an almost inaudible whisper, I heard him say, "Thanks, I needed that all day." Then he opened his stall door and I heard the restroom door shut as he left me. I hurried up and jerked my own pants up. I wanted to see Who this guy was before he escaped bbs forums preteen totally. As I dashed out of the restroom, I looked both ways down the hall and it was empty. I ran to the main corridor and looked in both directions. Heading towards the double glass doors to exit, I saw a guy walking through the arches. "It CAN'T be!" As he made it through the exit and outside, I would have sworn that Steve had been my mysterious jerk nn preteen teenies off buddy as he disappeared from my line of sight.I looked at my watch, "FUCK"; it had been 45 minutes since I left Robert to change and told him I'd meet him preteen digest cp by his car. I ran back down the hall to my locker, grabbed a bbs preteen underage couple of exploited young preteens books, and dashed out of the school towards the parking lot. As I got there, I saw Robert already standing by his car and he was talking to Steve. I slowed my sprint as I got within voice range and preteen model lingerie yelled to Robert, culos preteen "Sorry it took me so long, I kind of got turned around and had to relocate my locker again. I guess I didn't nude preteens ls learn the layout as well as I thought I had!" I looked down at Steve's tennis shoes and they were the same as I'd seen under the partition. His jeans were also light blue like my mystery guy, who seems not so mysterious now."That's cool Brent, Steve was late also. We're going to drop him off at his house, preteens 12y o then we'll run by mine so I can grab a change of clothes for tomorrow just in hentaii 3d preteen case it gets really late when we're done. I'll crash at your house if that's ok." I was fixated on Steve still. I couldn't believe that I had just preteen stockings pics jerked off with him less than 10 minutes ago and he had no idea that I was the guy next to him. When I didn't answer Robert, Steve preteen naturalists models looked at me and saw me staring at his crotch. "What? Do I have something on my pants?" he asked and looked where I was staring. You could just barely see the outline his cock made in the material and it was laying about an inch down his upper left leg. Right where the head would be, if seen, was a faint darkening of the jean material. A 'wet' spot. "Fuck I hate it when that happens," he said as he saw what I saw. "You shake the shit out of your dick after you piss and still it manages to hold some back to wet your pants." And what did I do when he noticed me staring? I blushed. I fucking blushed. Robert hardcore preteen chuckled and came over to me, patted me on the back and said, "good eye Brent. I'd never have noticed it." Then he laughed as he climbed into the drivers seat and started the car. "Lets go you two, I don't want to spend all day here in the parking lot. Brent, get into the passenger seat and Robert can ride in your preteen nipple model lap until we get to his house. I don't want to stop for long, so he can just jump out when preteen kiddy we get there.""I'm not sitting on Brent's lap!" Steve said. "Why are you in such a damned hurry for?""Because we have things preteen forced fuck to do and going out of the way to adult preteen fuck cart your ass home wasn't part of the plans. It's your fault you were late and missed your ride, so now you do like I said or walk home." Robert told Steve. "What ever, get the fuck in Brent so we can get out of here before he leaves us both behind."I got into the passengers seat and Steve crawled in and sat on preteen modek my lap. When I felt his ass meet my lap, my cock responded by starting to stir. "Alright Robert, we're ready. Lets get boygay pre teens the fuck home," Steve said as he adjusted his ass in my lap. When he moved, my cock was also adjusted along with his ass. If he couldn't feel me, then he was numb. Robert preteens pics russian pulled out of the lot and headed down Elm towards preteen naturist vids Heights. We all lived in Harker Heights, a small community to the voyeur preteen nudes east of Killeen. Steve lived in town and I lived kind of what you'd call in the country. Robert's house was almost directly in the middle of our two homes, if you divided the mileage. Robert was talking to Steve about swimming as I concentrated on fat women, old men, pimped faced girls and anything else to keep my cock under control. Steve wasn't helping any by constantly adjusting his ass into different positions. If I didn't know better, I'd of swore he was doing it on purpose. We finally got to Steve's house and he opened to door and climbed out of my lap. He closed the door behind himself. "Thanks a lot for the ride, I enjoyed it," he said looking right at me instead of Robert. Robert couldn't see his face because of the roof, "sure thing Steve. Next time, virgins litle preteen be on time for your ride, I'm not your personal transportation." I looked at Steve and he smiled at me and turned to go into his house.Robert peeled out of Steve's drive and headed in the direction of his house. "Sorry about that inna preteen nude Brent. I know you can't stand that asshole, but he and I have known each other for a long time too. I couldn't just make him walk home." "At least you didn't have to put up with any of laika girl preteen his shit. He was actually ignoring you I think."Oh, he wasn't ignoring me. Matter of fact, I think he was really concentrating on me, or at least his ass was concentrating on my lap. "No problem. I understand and I wouldn't have made him walk either, even though he may have deserved it." Robert continued down Indian trail until we got to his house. preteen kds schoolgirls He pulled into the drive and told me to come in while he grabbed some clothes and told his mom where he was going. When we got into the house, he told me to go grab a couple of cokes from the fridge and bring them up to his room as he headed up the stairs. When I went into the kitchen, his mother was busy cooking. "Hello Mrs. Davis, I said, "Robert asked me preteen top undergrondsites to grab a couple of cokes to bring up." "Hello Sweet. You look exceptionally cute today. How was your first day of high school? Did Robby look out for you and show you around?" she asked while rinsing some spaghetti noodles in the kitchen sink. "Yes Mame, he took care of me and the first day was a bit more than I expected," a HELL of a LOT more than I expected, "but I guess that's the way it happens, a new school and all." I went to the fridge and grabbed the preteenz bbs cokes. Robert yelled from upstairs, "Hurry up Brent, I'm thirsty. Stop accosting my mom and get up here!" "HI MOM!" he ukrainian virgins preteen finished. "Hello Robby, she yelled back, "Brent's not accosting me. If I weren't married to your father, Brent would probably be running from me and I'd be doing my best to catch him." Not to be out done, I yelled up to him, "And you know how I seem to trip myself up, so she'd be sure to catch me too!" With that, we all laughed and Mrs. Davis came over and gave me a peck on the cheek. "You better get up there before he dies of dehydration." I told Mrs. Davis I'd see her later and headed towards the stairs. preteen boys modells "Oh Sweet," Mrs. Davis called, "thanks." I looked at her baffled and asked, "Thanks for what?" "For that very generous compliment you just gave me. It's been a long time since lovely preteen anyone has said something as sweet to me." nn preteen thumbnail Blushing once again, I turned and went up the stairs to Robert's room.As I walked into Robert's room, he grabbed a coke out of my hand, opened it and drank the whole thing without taking gia model preteen a breath. "Damn, I guess you were thirsty!" "It's that chlorine water in the pool. It makes my nuts itch and I could drink a hundred gallons of water afterwards." "Wait here, I'll be right back." He went across the room and into his bathroom. I sat down on his bed and picked up a magazine from his nightstand. It was GQ and I thumbed through it, looking at all the models and sniffing the new men's cologne sample. Robert came out of the bathroom completely naked and came to stand right in front of me. "Hey Brent, will you look at this? I think I'm getting preteen 13 sluts a model russian preteens killer rash from all that chlorine. preteen orgasm Maybe I better tell the coach and see if they're putting to many chemicals in the water." He lifted up his nut sack, positioned himself in front of my face with his leg propped on the bed to my right and showed me a red area no bigger than a dime on the inside right of his leg. His cock was no more than an inch away from my lips as I sat there stunned to silence. "So what do you think? Does it look like a rash? Maybe your mom has something I can put on it to make it go away." "Well?""Sorry, I was just trying to get a good look at it," I smiled to myself; if he only knew what I wanted to get a good look at, "It's kind of a small area guy. It could just be a sweat rash." My mother is a doctor and I think that everyone in the family is always asked for medical dark preteen ls advise, as if my mother's being a doctor, conferred all of us with advanced medical knowledge. preteen girl hairstyle "Well, maybe I'll just ask her when I see her this afternoon. It itches like crazy", and pulled his ball sack up tighter, leaned forward a bit more and lightly scratched the area. Having moved even closed to my face with his maneuvering, the back of his hand holding his nuts, brushed against my lips. "Damn Robert, if you get any closer to me, your cock will be slapping me in the face." And I pushed him back. Laughing, he said, "Oops, sorry, didn't mean to xxx preteen abuse force myself preteen girl sucking on you. Besides, with you I want to take it nice and slow." And he beamed that killer smile at me and licked his lips. "Robert, we're alone again," I admonished. "So we are," he said and moved over to the dresser, took out a pair of CK's and put them on. He collected some other stuff from the dresser and rough bdsm preteen stuffed preteen picture model it in a duffle he had by his bed. He threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, "Lets go. I need to tell my mom, and then we can get to your house. Have you been thinking about my problem?" His problem? What about MY problem? I'm on the verge of coming right out and asking if he doesn't want to have sex with Michelle, then what about having sex with me? "Yeah, sure, I've been thinking about it. But haven't come up with anything yet." "Well, at least there's a yet in that", he said. We left his room and headed back to the kitchen so he could talk to his mother.He explained to his mother that we had some things to go over about school and stuff and that if it got late he'd just spend the night at my house. She didn't object because we'd done this a preteens handjob thousand times in the past, so what was to stop us from preteen pornsites the next thousand. He kissed his mother bye, and I did the same and we left his house to go to mine. My parents wouldn't be home because my father didn't get home until after 6 PM and my mother was usually later than that, if at all. She worked at portal and preteens Scott & White Hospital in Temple and was always on call or performing some life threatening surgery. Robert loved to drive out to my house, because he could drive like a maniac down the winding roads that lead to it. preteen lace panties As we completed the INDY 500 and pulled up to the gate, he slammed on the brakes to keep from crashing through. "Why do you always do that shit? One of these days, your going to run right through them hentai preteen anime and totally wipe out your car and probably kill yourself!" God I hated when he did this. If he wanted to kill himself, well I guess I really can't stop him, but when I'm in the car, I'm not ready to end it all, yet. "Didn't mean to scare you. This is the only chance I get to really open 'er up and blow the dust out of the pipes," he laughed. "Well, you blow the dust out when you're alone." He reached out the window, entered the gate code, and the gate swung in. He drove up to the garage and parked. "I need to check Sierra and feed and water her. Do you want to come?" I asked him as I got out of the car. "Sure, you know I love your horse. I wish I had one, but we live to close to the town."We went to the stables and I checked her water and threw some hay in the stall. I got some feed and filled her bin. Robert occupied himself, by grabbing the brush and brushing the hay dust off of her coat. Having completed this task, Robert and I headed for the house. Robert ran ahead of me and entered the entry code to turn off the alarm. "I love all this electronic crap your parents have around this place", he said "Lets go play with the ceiling fans!" "Your such a dumbass sometimes," I laughed, "all this shit does is make it take longer to get in the fucking house. And you remember, my mother told you about playing small preteens models with the ceiling fans. You had them going like a fricking hurricane the last time you stayed over and she came home. I don't think she was impressed." "Awe shucks. Come on Brent. Find preteen sex alt me the remote controls. I'll turn them back before she gets home!" "NO! We have a problem to work out and your not saddling me with it alone. It's not even MY problem." He acts like a 5 year old some times. "OK, ok ... so open the door already. I need another drink." I opened the door and we went in. Robert headed right towards the kitchen area and I dropped my backpack and Robert's duffle by the front door. How the hell did I wind up preteens feet galleries with his duffle? "Grab me a Dr. Pepper; get your duffle by the door, and meet me in my room. I need to get out of these hot ass clothes and into angel preteen little some shorts," I yelled to him. "K!" he yelled from the back of the house. "And put that god damned fan remote down! My mothers going to kill you!" As I headed up the stairs, I heard him grumbling in the distance and the distinct sound of the remote being used to lower the fans speed to normal. Shaking my head, I walked down the hall to my room. "Children" I scoffed.While Robert was still downstairs, I went into my room and started getting undressed. I felt sweaty from dealing with Sierra and decided to take a quick shower to cool off and clean up a bit. While I was showering, Robert came up to my room. I stepped out of the shower and started drying off. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I left the bathroom preteen shoock and saw Robert lying in my bed staring at the ceiling. "What you doing?" I asked. "Just thinking," he said as he propped himself on his elbows to look at me. "Sorry pedo preteen girl about that", I preteen lesbian nudists pointed towards the bathroom, "I felt all sweaty and wanted to cool off a little." "It's your house guy, you do what you want." I preteen cheeleaders naked saw the Dr. Pepper he had brought for me on the computer desk and went and opened it up and took a deep drink. "So, have you been thinking about what you're going to tell Michelle?" I asked him. "You know her much better than I do and besides, I really don't think she likes me." He didn't answer me, so I turned around to look at him and he was staring at me."Brent, I really need to tell you something and it's even more important than this crap with Michelle, or more to the point, it's got everything to do with how I feel about her," he said as he got off my bed and started walking towards me. "You're not making any preteenage naked porn since Robert. First you say it has nothing to do preteen nn myuse with her, and then it has everything to do with her. What is preteens forced it?""I don't know. Just hear me out, ok? Promise me you'll listen to everything I say before you stop me. Will you?" pleaded Robert."Sure Robert, but your making me nervous with all this drama. Is it that serious?" My stomach was full of butterflies and I had a feeling of doom that was creeping into my brain. What's he doing? I looked top preteensupermodels down and saw that I was in only a towel. "Let me get dressed and then we can talk." I started for my dresser and Robert caught my arm and said, "That can wait. If I don't start now, I'll never portal heaven preteen get it out. Come over here and sit down on russian preteen sexpics the bed. I'll stand while I tell you." So I sat down on my bed, tucking the towel between my legs so I didn't display myself, and waited for Robert to start."Now you promised not to interrupt, so just listen. We've know each other for more than three years and of all the people I've preteen legs underaged preteen nude ever tiny anal preteens met in my life, you have always been there for me. You know how my parents are when it comes to me. My mom dolts on me all the time, because my father ignores me. I think preteen kiddie sluts she tries to hide it with all the upskirt preteen voyeur excuses about his work, but your father always russian preteens free has time for you no matter how much he works. If I didn't have you, I think I would have done something stupid, like maybe kill myself. underage asian preteens That's how depressed I've been." Oh my god! I never realized he felt like that. HE always seemed to be the strong one between us, always taking the lead role of protector with me. I never thought that maybe he needed that protection. "Robert, I never..." "You promised Brent," he said as he held up his hand. "Sorry.""When we were in middle school together, I looked forward to each day I'd get to see you and spend time playing basketball and basically not having to be alone. I had the toughest time my freshman year of high school, because you weren't there. That probably why I've spent so much time here at your house the past two years, just to have you close to me." Robert paused and looked as if he was reinforcing his nerve about telling me all this, then he said it, "Brent," he came forward and bent down next to my bed and looked me straight in the eyes, "I think the reason why I'm not sexually attracted to Michelle is because I'm in love with someone else. It's someone that I care so preteen porn russian much about that I feel as if my soul aches when we're apart. I'm sure that this someone has no idea that I feel this way and I've been so scared to tell them because they might reject me." "No they wouldn't Robert! You're a great guy! Who is it? Do I know them?" Ok, so I can't keep preteen pr nonude my mouth shut. The drama of this is killing me and at the same time, I feel like my own preteen young blowjob heart is breaking.Robert smiled at me and then, "yeah you know him," HIM, did he just say him? "... Brent. It's you," and then leaned forward, took my stunned face into his hands and gave me preteen upskirts pics the longest and sweetest kiss that I had tgp preteen ls ever had in my life. My soul was devoured as he drew it into his body._____________________ Now pretty little preteens don't hate me for this cliffhanger here. If I keep going, this one chapter will be a novel instead of an addition. Hope you enjoyed it. Send any feedback to me at brentcutey.com.
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